Thirty-ninth Amendment of the Constitution (The Family) Bill 2023

 Fortieth Amendment of the Constitution (Care) Bill 2023

 Polling Day Friday 8th March 2024


1.  The latest date for the receipt of Appeals in respect of the Register of Electors of the County of Limerick in advance of the 39th and 40th Referendums of The Constitution shall be Wednesday 21st February 2024 at 4.30pm.

2.  All such Appeals will be heard by the County Registrar of Limerick Circuit Court, sitting at the Courthouse, Merchant Quay, Limerick, and should be directed by post or personal delivery to that address.

3.  Any Appeals received after the final date shall not be considered by the County Registrar until after Polling Day for above Referendums.

Dated this 9th day of February 2024.


Signed :            James Seymour

                        County Registrar

                        Limerick Circuit Court



Electoral Act 1992: Schedule 2, Rule 39

(inserted by Section 106 (j) Electoral Reform Act 2022)